Room 111
Mrs. Hughes
Room 113
Mrs. Soles
Room 114
Welcome to an exciting year of learning in fourth grade.
The experienced teaching team of Lisa Hughes, Nadia
Jacobs, and Shannon Soles. They are outstanding educators and they will be challenging our fourth graders to reach new heights.
    The students in grade four will be developing their reading
skills in many ways. The reading program is based on our basal
reader and skills book. We also supplement the basal reader with
the Accelerated Reader which is a technology based program that
tracks the students' progress throughout the year. A. R. points
are awarded to students based on their comprehension of the
books they read and the reading levels of the books. The students
will enjoy various trade books to enrich their reading experiences.
Critical reading, plot and character development, and reading to
obtain information are the important skills covered this year.
English goals include the study of sentence structure, grammar,
spelling, journal writing, and various types of writing styles. Math
will be using the Investigations and EnVisions math programs.
Both programs offer a balance of hands-on and practical math
activities needed for future success in math. Social Studies in
fourth grade centers around the study of Ohio history and
government. Map skills are also part of the program. Science in
the first half of the year will focus on earth systems and
processes that shape the earth. The fourth grade curriculum is
exciting and challenging and requires students to be motivated to learn.     In addition to the academic curriculum, classroom time is dedicated to helping students learn how to be better citizens. We expect honesty, hard work, tolerance, self-discipline, and proper behaviour from all of our students.