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BGJHS Veterans Day Assembly

BGJHS Veteran's Day Assembly Photo

The Veterans Day Assembly took place on November 11 , 2019 10:00 a.m.  These are the notable moments from the assembly, as well as the agenda for that day.


  1. Introduction video -- “I Fought For You” (4:18)

The assembly started off with a powerful video about the sacrifices our veterans made. It ended with veterans saluting active soldiers on the video and then a montage of them all saying “I fought for YOU.”


  1. Procession of colors followed by speakers and veterans (5:00) 

The colors were then brought out by Aiden Commarata, Jack Ericson, Michael Misel, Will Oyler, Zoe Valdez, and Cara Zawrotuk.  followed by a line of veterans taking their seats at a seating area specifically designated for them. As the percussion played On the drums, the colors and veterans marched out to a standing ovation. It was followed by Molly DePinto’s speech that flowed into the National Anthem performed by the High School Orchestra. 


  1. National anthem (orchestra) and introduction (3:00) 

The National Anthem was performed by the High School Orchestra and sung by Cora Ams, then Mackenzie Riccitelli introduced Major Vito Abruzzino. 


  1. Introduction of speaker/Major Vito Abruzzino (6:00)

He talked a bit about his career and mentioned Don Manning, a state representative. He spoke about the will to leave behind your nation to fight in a foreign country and risk your life to “stop war from arriving at our doorstep.” He thanked anyone in advance who wanted to possibly fight for the United States in the future. He also recognized his father-in-law who served in Vietnam, and it was his birthday as well. 


  1. White Table Ceremony/Taps (5:00)  

Willie Torres then spoke about what was “just a little table”, covered in a white 

tablecloth to honor when someone enters their country’s call of duty. Sydney Pavlik sets the table. Salt represents the bitterness of leaving loved ones behind. The empty chair represents ones not here because they were lost in battle. The black napkin represents the sorrow of captivity. She turned over a glass for the meal that won’t be eaten and white candle for peace.The red rose represents the hope that all missing will return someday. It was followed by a moment of silence as Taps was played.


  1. Introduction of speaker/State Representative Don Manning  (6:00) 

Gianna DeNiro introduced State Representative Don Manning next. He talked about what today meant to him, other than the ending of WWI. He says it recognized all who served, and he especially understands it, as he is a veteran himself. It exist to acknowledge those who served and what they’ve done for our country. All of the things veterans sacrificed should be acknowledged. “Actions speak louder than words. Give them a moment in the spotlight. Ask them to share their stories. You can donate to a charitable foundation. Attend a parade. Assist with placing flags in a cemetery. Make your life worth dying for. THAT is what they fought for.” He read a poem about Veterans called “Thank You”. It was another powerful item to add to the assembly.


Army: James Boots, Donald Hoelzel, Joseph Babyak, James Hunt, Ronald Gay, James Jazyn, John Poprick, Donnie Lucarell, Keith Coloves, Michael Steinbeck, James Frost, Todd Werth, Bill Bonle, James Shurtleff, Mike Loccisano, Louis Pilch, Adrian Grecko, Tom Sweder, and Tony Stanislow.


Navy: Florence Hosler,Dale Pesa, Tom Johnson, Jack McAnallen, David D’Tallo, and Jennifer Baun. 


Air Force: Dan Clegg, Perry Ventresso, William Oyler, and Ronald Brode. 


Marines: Thomas Trautman, Jason Bowman, Brian Commarata, and Anthony Freedy.


  1. Introduction of video -- recognition of veterans in attendance -- US Military Songs: United States Armed Forces Medley (6:00) 

Lex Alabed had all family members of veterans stand, and had everyone applaud the veterans in attendance. In the video, every branch referenced had all from that branch in attendance stand, with everyone applauding them for their service to our country.


  1. Orchestra songs (8:00)

The orchestra then played “God Bless America, Grand Old Flag, and Stars and Stripes Forever. It was a spectacular performance.


  1. Closing ( 3:00) 

Maddie Wymer then closed the ceremony by a quick speech referencing reminders about their sacrifices and the service they’ve done. Peter Fernandez then sang I’m Proud to be an American with the help of the High School Orchestra. One by one, halfway through the songs, all the Veterans stood up and they left following the colors.


  1. Exit -- Procession of Colors -- “Proud to be an American” (3:00) 

As the colors were removed, the veterans exited to thunderous applause. That would be the conclusion to the assembly.

Article written by:  Ethan Boots

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