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BIOSCAN Lunch Process: F.A.Q.

frequently asked questions Last Updated: 5/16/2022 5:57 PM



Q.) Is this a fingerprint and where is it stored?

A.) No this is not a fingerprint in the traditional sense. The Bioscan identifies your child by the ridges in their finger and assigns a number to your child.  Those numbers are stored in the Bioscan system for our school identification purposes only--not in any outside database. 


Q.) How are the Bioscan scanners cleaned?

A.) We currently use a keypad where students punch in lunch numbers, and those keypads are sanitized every 30 minutes between lunch periods.  This was approved by the Health Department as a best practice.  The finger scanners will be sanitized the same way, between every lunch period.


Q) Where can I find more information on Bioscan? 

The Biometrics Guide supplid by PaySchools can be found on the District's website, or Click Here to Read More