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Realignment meeting with Mr. Barone talking to crowd

The Boardman School Board approved a district realignment proposal at its board meeting on January 28.  The plan includes the closing of Market Street Elementary School.  A parent informational meeting was held on January 17, and hundreds of families attended.  The district also continues to monitor input at  Questions@boardmanschools.org

The following are the most frequently asked questions.  The answers are the best projections at this time(January, 2019).  The district is currently awaiting results of a professional transportation study that could affect some details.




Market Street Elementary  

would close after the end of this school year


Stadium Dr, Robinwood  Ln, and West Blvd.Schools

would become Kindergarten - 3rd grade buildings


All 4th graders

would attend Center Intermediate School, making Center a 4th - 6th grade building


Central Office Employees

would be moved to Boardman H.S.


F. A. Q.


Why Market Elementary?

  • Enrollment and operational costs were the two major factors.

  • Market has the second lowest enrollment  and also has the least amount of renovations and improvements to the building.

  • Market is also centrally located for realignment purposes.


Why now?

  • Projected enrollment numbers allow for the realignment

  • Key staffing retirements currently planned for administrative, teaching, and non-teaching staff align for 2019-20 (next) school year.

  • That means there would be no reduction in force for teaching staff, since teachers would  move to accommodate the same number of students.

  • No loss-but rather a gain for programs/services--

  • $500,000.00 in Savings per year/ starts now.


Why wasn't this discussed last spring as part of the levy?

  • Last Spring, the district faced a sudden and immediate 5 million dollar financial crisis.

  • While the realignment now being planned will save nearly half a million dollars ...it  would not have come close to solving that crisis. It was not a consideration at the time of the levy.


Why not wait until next year?

  • The move could wait, but the district would lose the first  half million dollars in savings.

  • Also,  the attrition of personnel moves would no longer line up.

  • i.e.: the district might have to hire to fill positions for only one year, and then let them go in a year’s time when the realignment happens.


Is there enough time to get this all done for next year?

Yes, but we must move now. Construction would begin immediately following the Board vote January 28.


Will class size increase?

  • There should be no disproportionate jumps in class sizes.

  • Class sizes K-3 should be better balanced across the three remaining elementary schools.

  • The 4th grade should be extremely well balanced, with class sizes in the 22-24 student range. (current 4th grade has some classes at 28/29 and others at 19)


How will Market Street students be reassigned to the other elementary buildings?

  • (TBD) We are currently having a professional transportation study done.

  • The study will take a look at residency concentration: where the houses are located and the numbers of students from the geographic areas.

  • The transportation plan will also consider route efficiencies and the amount of time kids are on the bus.

  • We  will have more information on the geographical dividing lines for the market students in the Spring.


Will current students at the remaining elementaries also be reassigned to other buildings?

No. Current K-2 students at Stadium Dr, Robinwood and West would not be reassigned.

*  All 3rd graders would go to Center Intermediate for 4th grade.


Will the current 3rd graders miss out on traditions that they normally experience as  4th grade elementary students (clap out, class picture, field trips, etc.)?

We plan to partner with parents and work with PTA’s to decide the best possible way to honor our current 3rd and 4th graders.  The four building elementary principals will be working together to keep it consistent, and still honor building traditions.


Will the 4th graders have their own wing at Center?

They will not have a “wing”, but the intent will be to have clusters of classrooms  with the 4th grade rooms being close together. Current building setup is to have 6th grade continue to occupy the 3rd floor.  Fourth and 5th grade will occupy first and second floor at BCIS.


Will the 4th graders have recess?

Yes. Currently the 5th and 6th graders have daily recess.  The intent is the same for 4th grade.

How will 4th graders be welcomed/mentored at BCIS?

The WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) transition program is followed at BCIS.  The 6th grade class would serve as student mentors and leaders for incoming 4th and 5th grade  students in the 2019-20 school year.  WEB is guided by our counselors/and teaching staff who have been well trained in the orientation process.


Will additional administrative staff be added to BCIS /

More students= potentially more student issues/concerns?


Yes, most likely we will need another administrator because of additional students. However, it doesn’t mean that position has to be a standard assistant principal. We will explore creative options that could include reassigning a current on-staff position.


Will playground equipment be added at Center?

  • Gaga ball pits have been recently added to BCIS.

  • The goal is to move Market Street playground equipment, but that timetable is not certain at this time.


Will there be less time for gym for 4th graders?

We are currently working with the elementary principals looking at the current 4th grade model.  The schedule for next year at Center would be designed based on the current 4th grade schedule. We believe students will have at least as much, if not more gym time for 4th grade.


How will music and art be scheduled for 4th graders?

We believe that music and art will be at least as much as current 4th graders are receiving.  Center has rooms dedicated to art and music.  (Some of our elementary buildings have art and music on carts)

The move to BCIS would allow for greater exposure to art and music for 4th graders at Center.


Will building start/stop times change?

(TBD) from transportation study.  Our goal--The district prefers to keep bell schedules the same or relatively close to current times. However, we must wait for the results of the transportation study.  

Again, the overall intent is for students to spend less time on bus, to eliminate shuttles, and create efficiencies--but instruction time trumps all.      


Will my 4th grader ride a bus with an 8th grader?

(TBD)  The transportation study will help determine the bus tiers.

The hope is that a 3 tier system will still be possible.  We should know more details in the Spring.


Will there be before school/after school care available at Center next year?

There is currently “Before School Care” at Center.  The District plans to work with parents. “After School Care “ would be offered if parents express a need for it.


Will plans be made for orientations for students who will be moving to new buildings as part of the realignment? 

Building principals are working on plans to allow students an opportunity  to see the new building, and get comfortable with the move.


Will Market Street be sold?

Yes. Should the Realignment be approved, the Intent is to put it up for auction.


What will be done with the money from the sale of the building?

  • We do not have an appraisal of the property at this time.

  • The money from the sale would go into the permanent improvement fund. These funds can be used on capital improvement, security and cover the costs of construction from the realignment.


What is the cost of the construction for the realignment?

Estimated $400,000


How will the construction be handled at BCIS/BHS during current school year?

  • It would begin immediately, if approved by the Board.

  • All efforts will be made to keep construction disruptions limited as classes continue at Center.

  • Central Office would be first to be relocated, to make way to work on restoring classrooms for incoming 4th graders.   


Will the High School lose important space when the Media Center is reconstructed into Central Office?

  • No. The Media Center is a large space- that right now- is largely under-utilized.  While it stores many books, High School students primarily use the area for online research, periodicals, and reading teen novels.  

  • A smaller Media Center where they can enjoy novels and read periodicals will be crafted that is more suitable.

  • The media center’s computer area will be moved to the academic wing where it will be more accessible to students and  better meet High School needs.


Can Market Street Elementary be sold to a charter school?

  • There is no such requirement on Boardman Schools.

  • State law does say  a public school must first offer the building to a “high performing charter school in your district”

  • However, Boardman has no charter schools in our district.

  • Could a Charter school be the “highest bidder”?

  • Yes, but even so, Boardman by state law, is not required to sell the building to the highest bidder.

How is the Market Street property zoned?

Residential, R-1.  

It would be up to the township to control or limit zoning as to what might eventually locate there.


Can some of the cost savings from realignment be used for building security?

Absolutely.  Right now, the district has no definite intent carved out for the savings.  


Is a new building being considered?  Is there a 5 or 10 year plan?

  • We will continue to take a look at visioning.  This realignment is a step toward better positioning the district financially--to maintain and increase the health of the operations and facilities of Boardman Local Schools.

  • The district does not expect the taxpayer to pay additional taxes for a new building.  

  • However, the next step is creating a plan..looking ahead 10- 20 years.

  • That’s our next piece,  that’s what we work on. What will our buildings look like and replacement?

    We know we will have to be creative and strategic to get there.



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