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Boardman’s alumni database is in need of an update.  Google Forms is now being used to (re)capture information about Spartan Alumni everywhere. 

The information provided in this survey will be used only by the Boardman High School Alumni in order to provide you information regarding reunions, accolades, celebrations, an annual update of the Boardman Local School District, etc.  On the form, you will be able to choose whether to receive additional information regarding the Boardman Local Schools and/or details involving the programs in which you were involved.

If you have any questions, or to request the form via email, please contact the Boardman Alumni Association at


The Boardman Local School District has a tradition of more than one hundred years of excellence in education. As a Boardman alumnus, you can share your pride in the school's accomplishments.     

 Join us on Boardman High School Alumni  Facebook: 

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If you are interested in keeping in touch and/or donating to projects that go beyond the scope of those funded by the school's educational budget, there are several options. Just click on the "Donate" or "Legacy Plan" buttons below.

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 The Boardman Alumni Association is grateful to our generous alumni and our entire Boardman Community for its support.  We know it takes everyone working together to achieve such success.

Where Are They Now Spotlights
Market Street School demolition with students

Demolition of the former Market Street Elementary School to break ground for the Forest Lawn Storm Water Park took place on March 22, 2023. Boardman Glenwood Junior High students who monitored the stormwater project, gathering data from surveys and doing water quality testing were at the demolition that will make way for the new stormwater park. An educational pavilion is also planned for the site.