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Bus Procedures



In an attempt to improve communications between home and school, we are publishing the following bus procedures and rules to better inform students and parents of our schools' expectations. We appreciate your cooperation. All students will be picked up and dropped off at home or at an approved alternative location for the entire school year. Parental requests for alternative student transportation to and from daycare facilities or places of employment will not be approved. Parental requests for alternate student transportation for the entire school year must be submitted in writing to the Transportation Office one (I) week in advance of the requested change. In the event of an extreme family crisis or medical emergency, approval to a written request for alternate transportation may be approved immediately by the Transportation Supervisor. School buses are extensions of regular school facilities and students are expected to conduct themselves on the buses as they do when they are in the school building. School bus drivers have the same responsibility and authority as the classroom teachers to enforce rules and regulations. In accordance with state law, (O.A.C. 3301-83-08), students who ride Boardman Local School District buses are to follow these guidelines: 

  1. Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop BEFORE the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  2. Pupils must wait for the bus in their "Assigned Place of Safety" in the AM. In the PM. pupils must go to their "Assigned Place of Safety" and wait there until the bus proceeds.
  3. Behavior at school bus stop must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual.
  4. Pupils must go directly to an available or assigned seat.
  5. Pupils must remain seated keeping aisles and exits clear.
  6. Pupils must observe classroom conduct and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  7. Pupils must not use profane language.
  8. Pupils may not eat and/or drink on the bus except as required for medical reasons. This rule also applies to student field trips and extracurricular trips. This is a State Law.
  9. Pupils must not use tobacco on the bus. (This includes electronic smoking devices).
  10. Pupils must not have alcohol or drugs in their possession on the bus except for prescription medication required for the student.
  11. Pupils must not throw or pass objects on, from or into the bus.
  12. Pupils must carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps (O.R.C. 3301-83- 20-    1).
  13. Pupils must leave or board the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless they have written parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise.
  14. Pupils must not put head or arms out of the bus window.
  15. Guidelines will be formulated for the use and storage of equipment and other means of assistance required by handicapped pupils.
  16. Proper steps will be taken to collect, store, and use medical information related to pupils known to have medical problems which may require driver attention.