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Here comes the Bus


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= Here Comes the Bus®

Now available to parents of Boardman Local Schools students

• View the real-time location of your child’s bus

• Access the app from your smartphone, tablet or computer (visit

• Receive push notifications or email alerts

• Send your child to the bus stop at the just right time,  every time.

To download the free App to your smart phone

• Go to the App Store or Google Play

• Search for “Here Comes the Bus” by Synovia and then download the app to your phone.

How to get started on the Here Comes the Bus app:

• After  downloading the Here Comes the Bus app

• Click the  “Sign Up” button

• Enter school code ( 84546 ) and click “Next” followed by “Confirm

• Complete the “Create Account” boxes – use your first/last name and email - your password must contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase letter, a number, and a special character (!,@,#,$, etc.)

• At the “Add Push Contact” screen you can change the name of your smartphone (optional), if not then just tap “Save”.

• Under “Add Student(s)”, enter your child’s last name only and Student ID # (same # as lunch account, also found on ProgressBook, or contact your child’s school office if you cannot locate the Student ID #)

**If you receive the message ”Could Not Add Student”, re-enter the student info. If the student is still not entered, please send a message to

• Click “Submit”. Continue to add additional students or click “Cancel” to continue.

• You’ve arrived at the Home page (Map, Students, Notifications, Settings, Help).

• Personal tweaks can be done by selecting “Notifications” - change notification radius, change alert type (notification/email), etc. - Please note: You will need to log out of the app and sign back in to perform any contact notification changes. See FAQ’s on back of this sheet for notification change steps.

• Problems? Email Here Comes the Bus® is a registered trademark of Synovia Solutions™ LLC


Top Issues


A.)  ”Could Not Add Student” Message

Solution: Email There is an issue with the assigned bus number.


B.)  The student’s home does not show on the map

Solution: Email There is an issue with the student’s GPS data.



FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions


A.) How do I change the notification radius on my smartphone? Answer:

  1. Open "Here Comes The Bus" app
  2. Go to: Notifications
  3. Tap: Edit Notification Radius
  4. Tap: Edit (upper rt hand corner)
  5. An orange slider button should appear at the top of the map. Slide the orange button to change the notification radius
  6. Tap save

To change for your other child:

Tap student name at the top of the Edit Notification Radius screen Select your other child

Repeat steps 3 -6


B.) Is it possible to opt out of the email notification, and just receive the phone notifications? Answer:

Select notifications

  1. Tap Edit Contacts
  2. Tap Notification (to select the notification type, most likely-Stop radius entry)
  3. Now tap "Email" and tap the checkbox to deselect that notification option.

You'll need to repeat the process for the PM stop and any other students.


C.) Can my child load this app onto their smartphone?




D.) My aunt helps get my child onto the bus in the morning. Can they have the app also? Answer:

Yes! You will need to share your student’s ID# and school code with that individual. The parent controls who has the app for the child.