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Spartans Make the Most of Law Day Festivities

Spartans Make the Most of Law Day Festivities

BHS juniors MacKenzie Kelso and Swathi Padmanabhan were awarded for their Law Day Essays, and Aiden O'Bryant and Jasmine Graham spent the day job shadowing an attorney and Judge Rusu. 

Jasmine  and Aiden are both planning a career in law. They participated in the Mahoning County Bar Association Law Week Host-a-Student Program on Wednesday, May 3. Jasmine shadowed Judge Robert N. Rusu, Jr. of the Mahoning County Probate Court, while Aiden shadowed Attorney Nikitas Skoufatos. They then attended the Law Day Luncheon with their judge and lawyer.

Law Week activities also included an essay contest. Juniors MacKenzie Kelso and Swathi Padmanabhan placed third ($300) and fourth ($200) respectively, and they were honored at the luncheon on Wednesday.

The essay contest theme was "Cornerstones of Democracy," and students had to discuss the limit of presidential powers, specifically related to the groundbreaking case involving President Truman and Youngstown Sheet and Tube.

Jasmine Graham Judge Robert Rusu Law Day Job Shadow
Aiden O'Bryant and Attorney Skoufatos Law Day Job Shadow



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